Church School

Church School

Our Church School offers a stimulating, intellectual, age appropriate curriculum that enables our children to learn about the scriptures from an open minded point of view so that they may develop a faith that is alive and dynamic.

Our teachers are dedicated to ensuring our children receive the best education possible.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

Last summer, Vacation Bible School met for one week, from 9 Am – 12 noon. Participants played games, made crafts, sang songs and learned more about the Bible in a relaxed, fun environment


Confirmation Class

Our confirmation class is offered for thirteen year olds and prepares them for active membership in our church.  The class is taught by two of our wonderful professional teachers.


Youth Group

At Pilgrim Congregational Church we educate children in Christian ways both in their Sunday school classes and outside in the real world. The Pilgrim Church youth group is meant to apply the Christian principles taught in Sunday school by expressing Christian character with community service. The youth group has arranged numerous activities such as raking leaves for senior citizens, an Easter egg hunt for our young children and baking dog biscuits for rescue dogs in a program called Raw Hide Rescue. Oftentimes we will tie in out volunteer service with a brief Bible passage to realize the true importance of our meaningful actions. We encourage you to bring your friends to join us for our volunteer work.


Adult Education

Besides partaking of the wisdom of our outstanding guest speakers, adults in our church are invited to participate in our weekly Bible study.  Taught by our senior minister, our studies take an open minded point of view, so that participants are encouraged to use their God given intelligence to dig deeper and ask questions, and come to an understanding of all the factors that contributed to the way the scriptures were written so that we can discover anew God’s timeless truths for us all.

Worship at PilgrimWe invite you to join us for Sunday worship & Church School at 10:30 AM.
20th Anniversary
2013 is an exciting year for us, as it marks the 20th anniversary of our church.
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