Statement of Faith

We are a fellowship of Christian believers who have pledged ourselves to Christ, seeking purpose in our personal lives and in our work, according to his teachings and guidance. We acknowledge our allegiance to God as made known to us in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Bible contains the word of God, that the word is heard in varying but persistent degrees in the Old Testament and that it literally shouts at us in the Man from Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, in the New Testament.

We believe in the fatherhood of God as it has been revealed by Christ; in Jesus as the fullest expression of God known to humankind; in the guiding Spirit of God, in prayer, in the essential need each of us has to remain in touch with God in worship, and in the power of God to ultimately triumph over all that is unholy and evil.

We, as a community of believers, try to put the love of Christ into practice in our lives, but are fully aware that each of us inevitably falls short. Therefore, we seek forgiveness for our sins and renewed strength for our life’s most challenging tasks.

We trust in the grace of God, who raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, and we look forward to the life everlasting as well as to the eternal tasks, opportunities and dimensions of the kingdom of God which knows no end.

Worship at PilgrimWe invite you to join us for Sunday worship & Church School at 10:30 AM.
20th Anniversary
2013 is an exciting year for us, as it marks the 20th anniversary of our church.
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